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From our Mistletoe Ceremony 2012.

These words were spoken as the Mistletoe was given to the River Teme.

From fountain-heads to oceans deep all rivers flow as one.
From mountain tops and laden skies.
Through each of us and everything.
The waters unite us in the life blood of mother earth.
Her heartbeat is one with all that lives and breathes.
Her voice is in the air we breathe.
Here our voice is her voice.
Hear our voice in the stillness of peace.
and in the gift of the sacred branch.
Blessed with love and healing for this good earth.
Let that blessing be carried to the whole world.
With the magic of the mistletoe, let the All-heal heal all.

Carved from mistletoe wood

Mistletoe carving by Jake Thomas.

As the figure emerged from the wood, so did these words.

I gave my dreams to the river queen.
She said she’d take them to the sea.
There I stood on the mountain top
There the dreams came back to me.
The dream had more voice, more strength.
That man will mend the hurt been done
And Mother Earth shall be forgiving.

I gave that wish to the sacred tree
That lent that branch to me.
Down streams and rivers flowed said wish
She carried to the sea.

Around the world all seas they meet
To share the gifts they bring and give.
To skies that carry on wind and breeze
and to ground in rains and mist,
For there the land and man receives,
That man can mend the hurt been done
And Mother Earth shall be forgiving.